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Gyaanibuddy Assignments

4 bit Magnitude Comparator

Digital Design

AIM: Design a 2-bit comparator using logic gates and verify 4-bit magnitude comparator using IC 7485

Gyaanibuddy Assignments

Student Database

Object Oriented Programming (SPPU SE SEM-4)

Develop an object-oriented program in C++ to create a database of student information system containing the following information: 

Name, Roll number, Class, division, Date of Birth, Blood group, Contact address, telephone number, driving license no. etc 

Construct the database with suitable member functions for initializing and destroying the data viz constructor, default constructor, Copy constructor, destructor, static member functions, friend class, this pointer, inline code, and dynamic memory allocation operators-new and delete.

Gyaanibuddy Assignments

4:1 Multiplexer & 1: 4 De-multiplexer

Digital Design

To design and implement a 4:1 multiplexer and 1:4 de-multiplexer using logic gates and MUX IC

Gyaanibuddy Assignments

3-bit Synchronous Counter

Digital Design

Design of 3 bit Synchronous counter using JK flip flop

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How to upload image using multer in node.js?

This blog will demonstrate implementation of how to use node js and multer to upload single/multiple files on local server.

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What is SQLMAP and how to use it?

Using sqlmap to test live website and explore its functionalities.

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