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IIFL Interview exp

Last updated on Oct. 19, 2022, 6:04 p.m. by kamal

About IIFL: - IIFL Finance: A leading finance & investment services company in India, engaged in gold loans, business loans, personal loans & financial advisory services.

Summary About Job:

Company: IIFL.

Domain of Work: Fintech (Financial Technologies)

Type: Product Based

Role Offered: SDE

CTC Offered: 10 LPA + Bonus


Context for getting started with placement process:

Company being of fintech background they concentrate a lot on logical thinking and critical thinking and also focus on your way of speaking and confidence. In the interview most of the questions were puzzles and some on sql and a few on DSA


Round 1 (Aptitude + coding(any language)):

  • There were around 13 questions for the test out of which around 10 were on aptitude 1 Output based (as in code was given what will be the output)
  • Level of aptitude was easy to medium questions covered problems on profit and loss and compound interest, simple interest, etc
  • One coding question was quite easy and other being quite difficult
  • To pass the test i guess the criterion was you need to get atleast one coding question(with all test cases) and half of the aptitude questions correct

Cannot recall coding question 1

Coding Question 2:

Given a balanced/unbalanced set of parentheses how many combinations of parentheses can be made from the given set of parentheses 

Eg:- ())(())

How many parentheses sets can be made total using these parentheses 


Round 2 (Technical interview):

  • I was asked a riddle which goes as follows: - if there were 18 crows building 18 nests on 18 trees how much time will 1 bird take to build 1 nest on 1 tree

Ans: - 18

  • If two fathers having a son go to watch a movie how many tickets will be bought

Ans: - 3 (son,father,grandFather)

  • Explain bubble sort sort an array using it differentiate between different sorting techniques and give your opinions on them
  • How does a left join works given a venn diagram how will left join look like
  • Explain in detail your final year project
  • Anf questions for me(suggestions keep some questions handy you would like to ask at that time instead of just saying no questions)


Round 3 (HR Round):

  • Basic question as of who all lives in your family,your goals and your description and qualification
  • Explain the best project you have done till date

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