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Most Asked Interview Question on MySQL and Database

Last updated on May 21, 2021, 5:21 p.m. by sanket

Most asked interview questions

Why do hard work if you can achieve something by smart work? Yes, you read it right. The most efficient way to start preparing for any interview topic is by studying the most frequently asked interview questions first. Here are some most frequently asked interview questions for MySQL & DBMS.

1) What is the difference between drop, truncate, and delete?

2) what is a foreign key?

3) How to remove foreign key constraints?

4) what are different types of joins and when to use which join?

5) write the name of customers for each orderid and date provided two tables orders (orderid ,date,custermer_id) and customers (customerid, customer_name)

6) What is the difference between a ‘HAVING’ CLAUSE and a ‘WHERE’ CLAUSE?

7)  write SQL query to find a number of customers in each country. Only include countries with more than 5 customers?

8) write an SQL query to find names of employee start with 'a' and ending with 'y'

9) What is ACID property in DBMS?

10) What is Indexing in DBMS and what are types?

11) How do we create indexes in MySQL?

12) write a query to create index on roll_no, name on student table
13) What is the need for normalization and how do we achieve that?

14) which data structure is used in indexing?

To find out answers to these questions watch the video linked. 



by sanket
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