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TV Shows for IT professionals

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Wanna Know Must-Watch TV Shows for IT professionals?

Programming is an art, and if you consider yourself an artist, this is for you. While working for hours, we're sure looking for something new, Motivation, Trigger, New Solutions that can grow on us to think and fix complex bugs and build something for the next major tech change? We're hoping for a transition, but we don't feel like we want to waste time. Right?

We just want to be involved even though we don't do anything. That's the point when this TV show or Web Series is pulling us out!

Then you're looking for motivation or want to appreciate your weekend?

Consider the following list:





Mr. Robot is an American television thriller series created by Sam Esmail for USA Network. It stars Rami Malek with social anxiety disorder and mental depression as the Software engineer and hacker Elliot Alderson. Elliot is recruited by an anarchist known as "Mr" to join a group of hacktivists, called "society." The robot, "played by Christian Slater, to join hacktivist" society. The group is trying to erase all debt records by encrypting bank records of E Corp, the largest conglomerate in the world.


2)Silicon Valley



This HBO comedy series follows computer programmer Richard's life as they build a compression software called "Pied Piper," which might change the world. Loosely based on the experiences of co-creator Mike Judge as a Silicon Valley programmer in the high tech gold rush of the 1980s.


3)Black Mirror



It explores contemporary culture, particularly in terms of the unpredictable implications of new tech. Episodes are typically set in an imaginary current or the near future, often in a bleak sound. Brooker created Black Mirror to explore concepts linked to humanity's interaction in technology, producing storylines that include "the way we live now – and the way we will live in 10 minutes,Ok, maybe we're sloppy.


4)Halt and Catch Fire



Centered in the early 1980s (first in Dallas, then in Silicon Valley) as the personal computer landscape was about to burst, a former IBM executive discovered a loophole in the company's flagship PC service. He enlists the aid of an inventor and an inexperienced prodigy to create a team that attempts to develop the machine that can not only compete with IBM but will also transform the world.





This science-fiction teaches you what you need to know about the multi-faceted artificial intelligence ( AI ) technology. Set in the future, Westworld is a futuristic western-themed amusement park that is looked after by AI-enabled robot "hosts" where wealthy holidaymakers live their wildest dreams thanks to artificial knowledge. Would you want to kill someone? Over, man. Will you want to have an extramarital affair? No issue at all. Want to track down a gang of bank robbers, guns blazing? You've got it. But when any of the AI hosts become self-conscious, the park loses its amusement aspect.


6)Big Bang Theory



This show shows two physicists and their science friends living in Pasadena, California, as they're going through life in a socially uncomfortable moment at a time. Today, women and wives introduced to the mix. There are endless science theories and engineering brass, and amazing cameos from real-life scientists including Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, and Elon Musk.


7)Person of the Internet

As AI and ML are booming, you can watch this one for sure, people on the Internet are portraying it. 

Pairs a former CIA agent believed dead with an enigmatic billionaire tech engineer and computer scientist who has built a US federal government supercomputer machine that can gather all forms of intelligence to anticipate and detect individuals plotting terrorist attacks – Before it occurs. It has been discovered that the machine has developed into a living AI and can also recognise other suspects and victims of premeditated crimes that the pair discovers and examines.


8)The IT Crowd



The IT Crowd watches a three-person IT squad working in the basement of a fictitious corporation. The two brilliant but socially inept technicians are led by a hopelessly non-technical IT boss who is trying to cross the divide between the department and the corporate side of things. If you're in IT, you'll appreciate the frustration of the characters in coping with non-technical people and their concerns.





Scorpion is an action-packed adventure into the lives of misfit tech professionals hired by the Homeland Security Department to protect themselves from worldwide high-tech attacks. It's partially based on the true-life of Walter O'Brien, a 197-year-old genius who supposedly hacked into NASA when he was a boy to get the blueprints for his bedroom walls.





Chuck is an Excellent film, featuring an ordinary unmotivated tech nerd who opens an email that has been subliminally loaded with the only remaining copies of U.S. federal spy secrets. All the information ends up being transferred to his head, prompting the CIA and the NSA to assign him to the handlers. He's having bursts of knowledge caused by images, things, sounds, and keywords, and as a result, the NSA and the CIA are using him for top-secret operations.


Hope you enjoy it!


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