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Visa Questions and Answers (Sample)

Last updated on July 26, 2022, 4:06 a.m. by rugved

In this article, I will be discussing commonly asked F1 visa interview questions and sample answers prepared from my perspective.

I have divided the questions in 3 types:
1. Education
2. Finance
3. Future Plans & Miscellaneous



  1. Why are you going to US?
    I am going to US to pursue my masters in computer science at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  2. Why did you choose US?
    US is a technologically advanced country, the degrees earned in the US have great reputation among Indian employers. Also the curriculum is flexible and the courses offered are practically oriented. Hence I have decided to pursue my masters in the US.
  3. What did you do you undergrad in?
    I completed my undergrad in computer engineering from XYZ college in 2022.
  4. Why this particular college? 
    I choose UIUC mainly because of its curriculum. It’s curriculum max overlaps with my interests. I am interested in the systems and software engineering domain for which UIUC has renowned professors like Prof ABC for Distributed systems and Prof PQR for Software Engineering. Additionally UIUC is more and more practical oriented and provides extra credit to students if they do project in their respective courses.
  5. How many admits and rejects did you receive? List them.
    I applied to a total of 9 universities.I got 6 admits and 3 rejects.
    Admits: UIUC, USC, UCI, NCSU, ASU, NEU
    Rejects: UCSD, Stony, NYU
  6. What will you do after you complete your program of study in the US?
    After completing my education, if given the opportunity I would like to gain US-based work experience as part of US education system’s practical training program and post that I would come back to India and apply for software developer roles as India is becoming its own version of silicon valley and has tremendous growth opportunities.
  7. Why don’t you want to study in your own country?
    I have researched about Mtech in India and I feel it is not up to the level I require to achieve my goal. US is techlonogically very advanced and that is why coursework taught is rigorous, practical-oriented and up to date.
  8. Why do you want to do Masters at this point of time?
    During my bachelors in India I have gained strong knowledge about the fundamentals of computer science and also touched upon advanced subjects of computer science. I want to learn advanced subjects in great depth and enhance my knowledge before entering the industry.



  1. Who is sponsoring you?
    My parents are sponsoring my education. My parents have savings and investments worth X lakh rupees. Additionally, I have a loan of Y lakh sanctioned from XYZ bank.
  2. What does your sponsor do?
    My father works at a XYZ company. His designation is XYZ. My mother is a homemaker.
  3. If your mother is a homemaker, how is she sponsoring you?
    My father has made some investments in my mother’s name and she is sponsoring it using them.
  4. What is his annual income?
    X lakhs per annum
  5. How will you repay your loan?
    After completing masters, I will be repaying my educational loan from my software developer salary which I believe would be sufficient to repay my loan.



  1. What are your future goals?
    My immediate future goal is to perform well in academics and become proficient in my field of study. After my masters, if given an opportunity I would like to gain US based experience as part of US education system’s practical training program i.e OPT and post that I would come back to India to apply for software developer jobs.
  2. Would like to work in the US or in your home country?
    , if given an opportunity I would like to use the US education system’s OPT and gain some US based work experience. Later, I plan to come back to India and apply for a Software developer role in India because India is a growing economy and is in the process of becoming its own silicon valley.
  3. Why will you come back to India after education? 
    I would like to come back to India for 2 reasons: 
    1) I am single child to my parents and I want to take care of my family. 
    2) India is a growing economy and in the process of becoming its own silicon valley and I feel I will have greater learning opportunities in India after MS.
  4. Do you have any family members living in the US?
    Say what you have mentioned in DS-160 form.
  5. What if I reject your visa?
    I would respect your decision. Frankly, I would be disappointed because I really want to do my masters at XYZ university. I will work on the reasons for rejection and apply again.

by rugved
KJ Somaiya College of Engineering Mumbai

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