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Why people still use Windows over macOS or Linux?

Last updated on Jan. 23, 2021, 6:56 p.m. by None

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There are a lot of operating systems in 2020, and once you find out why people use or prefer windows over other better operating system, you can check out the following reasons:

  • People are more drawn to the window's GUI. They just want to keep working with the mouse instead of realizing that they should still use the keyboard too. They are used to click and feel relaxed with windows when windows appear better than macOS or Linux. They prefer to see the GUI rather than results, and then end up fixing needless viruses/bugs from third-party software.
  • Linux has been running slowly 3 years ago now and had difficulties with newer hardware, but the community has solved all these concerns with Linux distributions, and today in the 2020s, it's a myth, to be honest. Linux is good, performance has increased, and my personal preference is ubuntu of course.
  • No OS is fine. There are no substitutes for apps like Abode, gaming applications, etc. But people tend to stick with Windows, where WIndows do not have any equipment or apps to do it. Even people feel windows are easy to use.
  • People do not like to use the command line interface each time they have the clickable alternative open. In Linux, it is not like anything relies on the terminals and you can only run applications or do other things with the cursor, but Linux users choose the technical way. But if you want to deal with the kernel, file storage, then Linux should be the only solution for you.
  • Windows is great for home users if you only want to listen to music or play games or watch movies, or if you're just working on spreadsheets, then windows will certainly do a better job. But if you're into the creation or technical stuff, windows aren’t for you.
  • People do not have the technological know-how to work with Linux, MacOs Operating Systems. There is way more stuff that can be done by Linux and even Windows users don't realize they probably need expertise and people don't want to deal with Linux distributions.
  • People want improvements and they're always waiting for updates, when it comes to Macs you can't update anything like video card, audio card, HDD, Processor, etc.for upgrades, you have to buy the latest Mac to get the best hardware that's expensive.so keep regular hardware upgrades in the bleak Windows laptops are the best ones.


I hope you've got all the details, feel free to share about the operating system you're using.



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