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Australia’s first fully-automated, driver-less trains are made in India

The latest service from Sydney Metro-the fully automated North West Line train linking Tallawong to Chatswood-was made in India.

  • Oct. 4, 2020, 2:25 p.m.

The Metro North West Line is Sydney Metro Stage 1 which includes 36 km of track, 13 stations and one depot. The new network aims to provide a service standard never before seen in Australia with a train in each direction every four minutes in the peak.

Sydney Metro fully automated driverless trains are composed of various modern features including 3 double-doors per car for better access and passenger flows, LED lighting, wide windows, emergency intercoms, CCTV cameras, the new customer information monitoring aids as well as real-time travel information.

Alstom is very proud to have collaborated with the NRT consortium and Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) to develop our world-leading underground solutions for the North West Metro in Sydney. Sydney has now joined other major cities around the world (including Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Singapore) which benefit from Alstom's tube solutions every day.The fully automated driverless metro is a first for Australia and will provide a step-change for Sydney's commuters, "said Ling Fang, Alstom's Asia-Pacific senior vice president.

The Metro line is currently being extended through the City from Chatswood to Bankstown, and, in addition to its comprehensive suburban rail network, Sydney will have 31 metro stations and a 66-kilometer standalone metro line by 2024.