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#1. Introduction to OS

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what is OS? - Concepts & Examples

What is OS?

In simple words, it is an interface between user and Hardware.

    • It is also termed as a system software due to the simple reason that it is used to access the component(H/W) which is present in the system.

  • A real-life example would be of a laptop. In the case of a laptop, H/W components are monitor, CPU. In order to have an access to these, there is an OS.

A question may arise as to why there is a need for OS?

If there is no OS, then the user has to manually write the program for accessing the OS.

Functions of OS-:

  • Memory Management-: It performs the task of allocation/deallocation of memory space to programs in need of these resources.
  • Process Management-: It is used to create/delete processes.It is also used to maintain communication between processes.
  • Device Management-: It keeps track of all devices. It performs the allocation/deallocation of devices.
  • File Management-: It manages all operations of files such as protection, storage, retrieval, and naming of files.

Advantages of OS-:

  • OS provides the user with a lot of GUI buttons and icons which make it easier for users to understand and interact with OS.
  • OS supports multitasking. Several tasks can be handled by several tasks simultaneously.
  • OS allows to access the Hardware without writing lines of code.
  • OS helps in the safeguarding of data. It not only stores and accesses data, but protects it as well.


Disadvantages of OS-:

  • Some OS are costly such as Windows. We can use a free OS by using VMWare but it is difficult to run as compared to others.
  • Threats to OS are higher as it is prone to virus attacks. Users sometimes download malicious software which can slow down the functioning of OS.

You can refer this youtube video for video explanations:



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