Tech News

GYAANI TECH India's Playstore

Indian government will Launch Atmanirbhar App Store.

GYAANI TECH Facebook introduced new section Facebook Campus for college students!

Facebook for campus! FB to allow college students join college events, interact with classmates.

GYAANI TECH Flying car in japan

The successful test drive of a flying car has been confirmed by a Japanese Company.

GYAANI TECH Micromax 'In' - Local for vocal Product of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Micromax 'In' Smartphone Series to be Launch on November 3

GYAANI TECH "Venus, We will be there soon!"-NASA

India has arrived with its mission 'Shukrayaan-1' for suspecting life on our twin planet-Venus.

GYAANI TECH Australia’s first fully-automated, driver-less trains are made in India

The latest service from Sydney Metro-the fully automated North West Line train linking Tallawong to Chatswood-was made in India.

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