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Top programming channels on YouTube.

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This blog talks about most helpful youtube programming channels.

Programming is simple, studying and understanding is a huge deal. Like any Aspiring IT geek, if you're dreaming of working and designing large-scale ventures, but you're stuck where to start? Don't Fear, we own your back. Check out the following list:




ProgrammingKnowleadge is by far the best youtube tech channel I've been on with 1.25 M viewers that has taught everything a tech enthusiast could wish for, from the old traditional c to the newest machine learning that has covered everything. It's been featured at Edureka and KnowleadgeBox. It hosted the "Codebind.com" website recently, which seeks to include useful research resources and programming information.




Treehouse considers itself a "Private Academy" that aspires to educate technology with over 303k Subscribers on Youtube. Treehouse offers hundreds of courses such as how to create a responsive site, how to develop a mobile app, etc. Treehouse 's 9 years on Youtube has recently gained a total view of over 22,438,942.


3)Derek Banas


Derek Banas is an American based Tech Youtuber, who has over 1.07 M subscribers on Youtube. He has taught everything a tech geek can imagine and aims to build educational videos on every given topic that his subscriber has requested. He does live streams on Mondays and Tuesdays every week. Derek banas has recently completed his 12 years on Youtube and is a geek's YouTubers for sure.




CodewithHarry is a well-known Nasa accredited HTML professional. He strives to learn the basics with simplicity and with a strong knowledge of the skills that have taken him years. He owns three youtube channels codewithHarry  is  the most involved and popular with 592k subscribers, and has recently completed his 1000th video on the same channel.. His alternate youtube channels are Programming withHarry and HindiGamingZone. He  also includes source code and other useful resources through codewithharry.com website.


5)Programming with Mosh


Programming with Mosh, or may I say Mosh Hamedan, is a dedicated software developer with 20 years of professional experience. He has trained more than 10 million people with over 1,26 million subscribers  on youtube he aspires to teach and make quality software engineers whom businesses will want to recruit. Mosh 's personal expertise is in python, javascript, and csharp.


Let's build something worth learning !


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