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Airtel will provide internet from space through satellites!

Bharti Airtel Acquires 45 % Of OneWeb,  will have satellites in the space now

  • Oct. 20, 2020, 10:20 a.m.

Bharti Airtel Acquires 45 % Of OneWeb,  will have satellites in the space now

Bharti Airtel, even though, under a huge amount of pressure from the ever-growing Jio, did something revolutionary. One Web is a communications company based in London, United Kingdom. The slogan is, "Does not everybody have access to the knowledge of the world? "Ok, Bharti Airtel definitely claims that this is the explanation for the acquisition of a bankrupt OneWeb business. This article will take you to the specifics of the new 2020 agreement and how it will help Airtel.

The bid that the entrepreneur, Sunil Bharati Mittal, spoke about at the recent ISRO meeting clearly showed his interest in saving one Web site. OneWeb declared bankruptcy in 2020. This gave the company plenty of justification to buy it. This is a new venture of Bharti Airtel. After decades of telecommunications development and distribution, Bharti Airtel is expected to embark on a satellite-internet-generating journey. The company won an offer to buy 45 percent of OneWeb. In exchange, Bharti Airtel will invest $500 million in this business. The United Kingdom Government has 45 per cent and the remaining 10 percent goes to other owners.

OneWeb has been working to send home-like 150 kg of each satellite into orbit. These satellites will remain in Earth's low orbit providing wireless internet services across the globe. According to a YouTube video by Gareeb Scientist, this move is a big deal for our nation in particular. This means that we're going to have better internet connectivity in India. Even if you live in a remote area, you can still have convenient access to internet services.

The video also exposed the fact that such investments have existed in the past, but very few have surpassed their peaks. However, if Bharti Airtel follows the SpaceX Starlink model, which is aligned with the US Defense Forces, it will be very influential. Association with the Indian Army would also be of benefit to the Army and shipping to airlines will be of great benefit.

The organization will launch 650 satellites and will eventually launch 1,980 satellites. They would orbit 1,200 km above the Earth's surface.