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DRDO conducts second successful flight-test

DRDO conducts second successful flight-test of missile target vehicle Abhyas. This is the second time that the target vehicle was flight-tested successfully. 

  • Sept. 23, 2020, noon

On Tuesday, self-made flight tests of the indian-designed Abhyas High-speed Expendable Aerial Target (HEAT) in Balasore were allotted by the Defence analysis and Development Organization (DRDO). It aforesaid in a very statement that 2 demonstrator vehicles were with success tested throughout trials for the interim range.The vehicle may be a drone that, DRDO said, are going to be used as a target for various missile systems. It may also be used as, if necessary, a decoy craft.

"Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted, lauding the achievement:" The DRDO nowadays achieved a milestone with the self-made ABHYAS-High Speed Expandable Aerial Aim flight take a look at from ITR Balasore. this may be employed in the analysis of various missile systems as a goal. "In his tweet, he conjointly congratulated DRDO and" alternative stakeholders for this accomplishment.

This is the second time the target vehicle has with success been flight-tested. the primary take a look at that was self-made was in might 2019. however Abhyas cleared all the standards that were being take a look ated throughout Tuesday's test.

According to DRDO, the take a look at vehicle consummated "the user demand of five kilometer flying altitude, 0.5 physicist vehicle speed [half the noise velocity], thirty minute endurance and a pair of G turning capability."

Designed and developed by the aeronautic Development institution (ADE) of DRDO, Abhyas is capable of fully-autonomous flight and runs on a turbine engine. Its inertial {guidance|steering|guidance|direction} system is predicated on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and it uses a management|control} pc for guidance and control, the DRDO aforesaid.