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Exosolar planet orbiting dwarf star competes Jupiter in size!!

Massive exoplanet found orbiting dwarf star, gives crucial insight for Sun’s fate

  • Oct. 4, 2020, 1:50 p.m.

Competing with the biggest planet in size following the estimation, an exoplanet is found orbiting the white dwarf star in 1.4 days. The exoplanet WD1856 + 534b,80 lightyears away in the Draco Constellation has made scientists and space researchers curious about the force which is binding a comparatively so larger planet to revolve around the dwarf star. The star's gravity is estimated as the major suspect which implies the orbit-revolution statement.

The white dwarf star has a sun-like beam that presumes the future of the sun as a dwarf star as the hydrogen layer on the sun's surface may exhaust swallowing near planets maybe including earth too but the process has 5 billion years to go from now as per estimations.

The exoplanet being referred is estimated to be bigger than Jupiter which is now proving to be a prominent topic to be discussed by space-researchers.