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Facebook introduced new section Facebook Campus for college students!

Facebook for campus! FB to allow college students join college events, interact with classmates.

  • Sept. 12, 2020, 11:13 a.m.

In this crisis of corona pandemics Facebook Inc. would soon let college students create special profiles specifically to interact with classmates and enter campus activities and groups — a return of sorts to the early days of the business when Facebook was exclusive to college students after Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg created the social network in his Harvard dorm.

The new feature, named Facebook Campus, will form part of the current service for the organisation, but users need to create a special profile using their university email address. Only other students at their college can see the profile and students will be able to enter classes, locate campus activities and engage in classroom discussions.

The idea is to give students a "quiet, dedicated space to connect with their college life," said Facebook product manager Charmaine Hung, who oversees the project. Profiles can provide details such as the major of a student, which dorm they are living in, and what classes they take. She also added,"We wanted to encourage people to add details concerning their particular college that they may not necessarily want to put on their main Facebook profile

The product launches starting Thursday with 30 colleges and universities including Duke University, Northwestern University and Virgina Tech.

Facebook Campus can have a directory for classmates, and also provide features for chat rooms. With young people migrating over the past few years to other social networking sites, Facebook Campus has been able to bring them back, and create a community.