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Indian government will Launch Atmanirbhar App Store.

  • Oct. 4, 2020, 3:26 p.m.

Google released on Monday revised play store policies that added new guidelines for gambling store taxes charged by developers. The new rules enforce that developers will have to compulsively use Google's built-in play-store payment scheme, enabling the tech giant to obtain 30 percent off any in-app purchase.

This, however, shouldn’t be confused as a new policy introduced by Google. In fact, the rule to pay a 30% cut was in place since along. However, Google has always turned a blind eye to companies like Netflix or Spotify, to name a few, that offer their subscription and accept payments without using the Google payment system from the play store.

Through its revised regulations, Google is clearly trying to make any developer in the Play Store comply through existing laws.

Many Indian start-ups are now calling for an alternative app store to run their applications on the Android platform. This comes as a result of Indian developers showing disagreement overpaying Google's 30 percent pay cut.

Suddenly, it is suggested that Modi's government is looking forward to launching India's very own 'Application Store' soon to compete not only with Google Play, but also with the Apple App Store. This will be part of India 's ongoing initiative to make the country more 'self-reliant' or Atmanirbhar.

According to the information, the Center for Advanced Computing Development (C-DAC) of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) will support the new Atmanirbhar App Store project. The key goal is not to reduce transactions and in-app purchases by 30%, such as Google or Apple.

There's several options to the Google Play Store on Android, including pages from which you can download APKs.