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GYAANI TECH Exosolar planet orbiting dwarf star competes Jupiter in size!!

Massive exoplanet found orbiting dwarf star, gives crucial insight for Sun’s fate

GYAANI TECH Facebook introduced new section Facebook Campus for college students!

Facebook for campus! FB to allow college students join college events, interact with classmates.

GYAANI TECH Airtel will provide internet from space through satellites!

Bharti Airtel Acquires 45 % Of OneWeb,  will have satellites in the space now

GYAANI TECH DRDO conducts second successful flight-test

DRDO conducts second successful flight-test of missile target vehicle Abhyas. This is the second time that the target vehicle was flight-tested successfully. 

GYAANI TECH Paytm's mini app Store

Paytm Launched it's mini app Store for Indian Developers

GYAANI TECH Subsidies to Japanese companies to transfer to India

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry said it will provide subsidies of over Rs 1,615 crore to Japanese manufacturers that shift their manufacturing setup out of China, highlighting India.

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